La Rinascente Macaroni was founded shortly after WWII in the Bronx, New York. The company produced 80 cuts of pasta that were sold to a small customer base. In 1951, the Natali family purchased the company.

In the 1950’s, branded pasta made major inroads in supermarkets and began replacing old time pasta stores. It became apparent to the company that La Rinascente could not compete effectively at this level. Accordingly, management made the bold move to specialize in folded vermicelli (Fideo) and concentrate on the growing Hispanic market in New York. This decision proved to be correct and the company has flourished ever since.

In 1953, the first folding line was purchased. In 1955, a major distributor of Hispanic foods became a customer, necessitating the installation of a second folding line. 

By 1962, the Bronx location was no longer large enough and the company moved to Moonachie, New Jersey and installed its first continuous process line. The growth continued and by 1973 the company again moved to a larger facility in South Hackensack, New Jersey. La Rinascente became a major supplier of fideos to many large Specialty Distributors and Food Manufacturers. During this period many improvements were made; including the addition of two Braibanti continuous process tray dryer lines, pneumatic semolina handling system with silo storage and automated packaging lines.

La Rinascente was purchased by a group of North Dakota investors in 2003, and renamed La Rinascente Pasta. North Dakota produces around 70% of the nations supply of durum wheat and is home to several pasta plants and durum mills. A new building was constructed in Hope, North Dakota, and the entire factory was relocated there in the fall of 2003. 


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